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Professional Lock Rekeying in The Colony, TX

Variety of door lock cylinders

We have new locks in stock and parts as well. We can rekey your residential and commercial locks.

Over time, your home or business locks may become compromised due to lost keys, changes in tenancy, or general security concerns. Rather than replacing all your locks, Glen’s Lock Service offers professional lock rekeying in The Colony, TX, and surrounding areas. Rekeying changes the internal tumblers, so old keys no longer work.

How Lock Rekeying Works

The lock rekeying process involves replacing the internal tumbler pins inside the lock cylinder. These pins are lifted to specific heights by the cuts on the key in order to unlock the lock.

To rekey a lock, our residential locksmiths remove the lock cylinder and replace the tumbler pins at new heights. We insert new pins so your existing keys will no longer lift them to the correct heights to unlock the lock.

Once the pins are replaced, new rekeyed keys are cut to match the new tumbler heights. These new keys will be the only ones able to unlock the rekeyed lock.

Rekeying takes 15–30 minutes per lock and is done on-site. Your locks stay in place; only the tumblers get replaced.

Locks We Can Rekey

Our experienced locksmiths can rekey many types of residential, commercial, and automotive locks including:

  • Entry door deadbolts
  • Interior door knobs
  • Mailbox and padlocks
  • File cabinets and lockers
  • Desk drawers
  • Equipment locks
  • Gates and garage doors
  • Car doors and ignitions
  • Safe combinations

We carry professional rekeying kits for most major brands like Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA, and more.

Is Rekeying Always the Best Option?

While rekeying is affordable and convenient, it may not be the best option in all cases:

  • If your locks are very old, they may not be worth rekeying vs. replacement
  • If you want to upgrade home security, new high-security locks would be better
  • If you need to rekey many locks, replacement may be similar in cost

Our The Colony lock rekey locksmiths can advise you if rekeying makes sense or if replacement is the better solution.

Why Homeowners Should Not Rekey Their Own Locks

While DIY rekeying kits are available, we strongly recommend having professional locksmiths rekey your locks. Improperly rekeyed locks can fail to operate correctly or have other issues:

  • Incorrect tumbler pin heights mean your new keys may not work
  • Locks can be permanently damaged and require replacement
  • Voided warranties due to damages from incorrect rekeying

Our pro locksmiths have extensive training and experience to rekey your locks properly on the first attempt.

Maintain Strict Key Control

We recommend maintaining strict control over your new rekeyed keys. Do not duplicate or distribute them widely. This preserves the security upgrades from rekeying. Limit key distribution to essential personnel only.

Upgrade Home Lock Security

For residential rekeying, we suggest upgrading to high-security locks. Our locksmiths can install secure deadbolts and door knobs with advanced security features. Investing in high-security locks takes full advantage of rekeying your home.

Commercial Lock Rekeying

For businesses, rekeying offers an affordable way to enhance security after changes in management or personnel. Our team of commercial locksmiths can rekey multiple office doors, cabinets, lockers, and other sensitive areas.

Trust Glen’s Lock Service for All Your Rekeying Needs

For professional, affordable lock rekeying in The Colony, TX, contact Glen’s Lock Service today! Our knowledgeable locksmiths are happy to answer any questions and provide accurate quotes.

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